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Unleashing the Power of TikTok:
Content Framework Hacks to Get You Started

Whether you consider TikTok a cultural phenomenon or geopolitical outcast, it is hard to disagree that it is the most rapidly growing social platform of choice for more than just Gen Z’ers. With its widespread recognition, the platform name is even becoming “genericized” as people say things like “Let’s TikTok it.” So how can brands ride the TikTok wave without seeming inauthentic?

Before you start posting, make sure you know the landscape and what content is resonating with your audience. You can find the best content barometer by way of uncovering trending content themes. 

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Discover Trending Themes

It is prudent to gauge the category of topics your audience is interested in. Finding these can be uncovered in a few different facets:

Meta Ads

Find the top-performing META and TikTok ads in your industry and competitor set. To do this on Meta,

  • Go to an advertiser’s Facebook Page
  • Click “Page Transparency” then “Ad Library.”
  • The ads shown are listed in order of the highest volume of impressions served.
  • You can assume that if they are a smart brand, they are monitoring what ad spends the most/has the highest volume of impressions, thus turning a profit/driving value.

Sound On

TikTok is always a sound-on experience – sound is a primary focus for posting content on TikTok. Your creative efforts should center around sound. To find trending sounds/songs on TikTok:

  • Scroll to the “For You” page.
    Use TikTok’s search bar and search for “viral sounds” (or any other similar keyword)
  • Once results are loaded, hop on over to the “sounds” tab.
  • You’ll see a list of trending sounds on TikTok and the number of times they’ve been used in TikTok videos.
  • Browse the TikTok’s sound library
    Check out the TikTok sound finder “Tokboard”


On the TikTok app, head to “hashtags” tab to see what trending hashtags related to sounds are used. Videos with #viralsound, for instance, have been viewed 1.8 billion times.
You can also use a hashtag generator platform to help you discover a breadth of #hashtags based on your content inputs and campaign messaging.

Find inspiration in other places

Use TikTok’s Creative Center.

Best practice guides in advertiser case studies based on your industry and desired metric.

Talk the Talk

What are customers saying about your products? What about your competitors? Doing a qualitative review analysis can be helpful when honing in on pain points in the way you position your script. You can agitate the pain points with specifics you find in your research and design copy A/B tests to iterate to the best-performing copy formula. Here are a few (some apparent) places to find reviews:

  • Customer surveys and site reviews
  • Ad comments
  • Amazon review for product or product category
  • Trustpilot Reviews
  • App Store Reviews
  • Reddit threads
  • Influencer Blogs and review articles
  • Pinterest trends
  • Quora threads
  • Answer the public
  • Google Trends and Related Search Terms
  • TikTok and Instagram Search on specific hashtags/accounts to find relevant posts (also look at Meta ad comment threads).

Putting it all together

Now that you gathered all your intel on trending content and audience, ask yourself: 

  • What are the interest groups?
  • What trends are resonating? 
  • How do people discuss the issue/product/service/brand/trend? What is the sentiment? 
  • How does the customer base speak? Pay attention to the words they use, how they speak, jargon, slang, cultural references, songs, etc. 
  • What do they value? 
  • Are there influencers that drive the conversation? 
  • What kind of visuals are used? What is the overall tone? 
  • What kind of sounds/songs are used?
  • Can you lift a rough source of inspiration based on known top-performing content?

Assembling Your Plan

The anatomy of your content should hook (stop scroll), engage (keep the audience interested), retain (watch long enough to get to the CTA), and prompt (take action).  

The Hook

There’s no room in your plans for wasted money or resources. Every question we ask, every meeting we schedule, and every move we make will be intentional, keeping your overall goals in mind.

Engage: What it looks like

To keep your audience interested past the hook, your content should land on themes that resonate with the platform’s ecosystem:

  • Entertainment
  • Educational
  • Aspirational

Your content script should hit these marks


  • 40-60 Word Count – Keep it tight 
  • Brand Name – “Who We Are”
  • What engagement theme does this fall under?
    • See above


  • Agitate a Pain Point: Use your competitor analysis to align your brand with where your competition detracts.
  • Your audience will clearly understand what makes you different and the value you bring in contrast to the alternative brand.


  • Unboxing item Or Product Demo Or  Unique selling proposition (benefits): “Why do it with us.” – Don’t just list your brand’s features; talk about what’s in it for the user. “Get 20% cash back on all online purchases instantly. No fees.”


  • You can include social proof, statistics, “reason to believe” here.
  • The price point can also be tested here as an A/B test to qualify a click and measure incremental conversion on the backend.

Call to Action

  • Does the viewer have enough information to perform this CTA after viewing this content?
  • Is the CTA an appropriate ask at this point?
  • Are there alternative CTAs that would better match a viewer’s motivation that you can test?


  • Cut the fluff.
  • Remove words that don’t add value but still drive home what your intent is.
    • “Miss the train? Grab an Uber.”

Example Scripts


“Scale your business with Adroit Marketing’s proven team. It is no secret that big agencies have green teams who turn over quickly, resulting in sub-par work funded by your budget. This frustration is why we founded Adroit Marketing. We’re seasoned experts from leading tech companies focused on proven growth strategies. Get your free marketing plan today.”


“Transform your body with ‘XYZ Fitness’ – a proven exercise program for runners to heal hip dysfunction. Take the first step and heal today at”

SEO that #Hashtag

We know the addictive nature and mysterious algorithm make TikTok a kingpin in today’s socialscape, so ensure your content is indexable within the platform’s algorithms. Apply traditional SEO best practices to your #Hashtag game to have your content discoverable and, thus, your brand visible. The #Hashtags you choose should be specific to your brand and content. Ensure they are scalable and don’t fall into the gimmicky #Hashtags grouping.

Put in the work for longtail gains.

TikTok’s algorithm is known for rewarding regular posting. A regular cadence of high-quality content in your arsenal gives new followers (or what I like to call low-intent prospects) a reason to stay and ultimately convert on organic posts, reducing your overall blended CPA.

Get Started on TikTok

Getting started with pure TikTok organic content or paid campaigns can be simple. If you are serious about having the platform as a pillar in your marketing strategy, research and plan beforehand to create a working content calendar or campaign document. Sometimes hiring an expert team can help with the heavy lifting and apply past learnings to avoid mistakes along your TikTok journey.

Scale your business with Adroit Marketing’s proven team. It is no secret that big agencies have green teams who turn over quickly, resulting in sub-par work funded by your budget. This frustration is why we founded Adroit Marketing. We’re seasoned experts from leading tech companies focused on proven growth strategies. Get your free strategy plan today.

About the Author

Megan Jannetty,
Director of Product Marketing

Megan offers a refreshing philosophy from her time (16 years) in various marketing roles and company sizes. Her deep knowledge of the start-up landscape provides an edge to the needs of early-stage companies, especially regarding marketing for investments, ensuring product/market fit, and building the foundation for a successful growth engine.