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How White Label Link Building Will Boost Your Client's SEO Strategy

Customers come to you to help them with their Marketing and SEO strategy. However, many agencies don’t offer in-house link-building services. If you want to increase your customer’s reach, link building is one of the most powerful ways to increase organic traffic. However, link building is also one of the most scrutinized SEO practices.

Not all link building is the same. Agencies and firms can use a white label link-building service specializing in white hat practices to provide clients with a consistent flow of high-quality backlinks.

The Value Of A Link Building Strategy

Link building is a crucial part of a solid growth strategy for your client’s online business presence.

As other sites choose to link to your client’s site, two things happen:

  • New audiences are exposed to your client’s site
  • Your client’s site looks more authoritative to search engines


The value is twofold. Not only can links bring in immediate traffic from content readers, but search engine algorithms also value quality backlinks when determining page rankings.

You probably remember back when Google was a hit or miss for searches. It used to be that spammy content, stuffed full of keywords and nonrelevant (purchased) links would be some of the top results.

But Google has adapted over time in order to provide higher quality content results for their users.

With a revolutionary PageRank algorithm, Google forever changed the way websites produced content. It’s gotten harder and harder to get quality rankings by bending the rules. Sketchy SEO practices will hurt your client’s site ranking, making them look like a spammy site.

However, getting backlinks can be a tricky business. Some sites (like school sites or large businesses) naturally get a lot of backlinks as people refer to their content. But many small- and mid-sized businesses struggle to get other brands to link to their content because they aren’t well-known. For most, backlinks come inconsistently without a strategy in place.

True link-building strategies don’t skirt the rules or leave backlinks up to chance.

You want your client’s site to be successful, so you need to offer a full range of SEO services. This might require outsourcing some of the more time-consuming tasks.

One of the biggest deciding factors in ranking comes down to how many reliable hyperlinks lead back to a page. In the eyes of Google spiders, credible sites linking to content prove the value of that content. Google algorithms are changing daily, but that fact remains the same—backlinks are crucial to site authority, and a link-building strategy should be part of the SEO services you offer.

White Hat Link Building Vs. Black Hat Link Building

We all know that there are good and bad ways to go about SEO. If you try to take shortcuts, you can get your client’s site labeled as spam or fraudulent. Those black hat practices exist within link-building strategies as well. It’s important that you know the difference between black hat and white hat link building practices, or you could do more harm than good for your client’s site reputation.

Pro tip: most of the quick ways to achieve backlinks are black hat link-building practices.

White hat practices take a lot of time and energy. Google expects you to build up your site authority authentically, so you can’t just turn to sites that hand out links to anyone and everyone. You have to know who is trustworthy and where you can find a diverse range of links relevant to your client’s niche. And, even with the right links, if you employ your link-building strategy too quickly, you could get flagged as questionable by Google.

Black hat practices are tempting shortcuts, but they are likely to hurt your client’s business. Google has a vested interest in stopping loopholes and shortcuts that allow spammy sites to sneak their way into top results. However, this means legitimate sites that are just getting off the ground have to play by the rules too, and it can be difficult to play catch up at this point.

Here are a few examples of how white hat practices and black hat practices differ.

White Hat Link Building for Agencies

Authoritative Content

When your client is able to produce studies or statistics, they increase the likelihood that other sites will link back to them as a resource. Whitepapers, eBooks and other resources that support the industry (and are not solely brand-centric) can also achieve backlinks as a citation.

Insightful Content

You are trying to help your client stand out, and unique content should be part of that strategy. It’s extremely important to have completely original content that doesn’t look like a close copy of someone else’s existing content. People are more likely to reference content they’ve never seen before than something that’s been repeated the same way by everyone in the industry. Not only will this kind of content show thought leadership, but it will also increase the likelihood of indexing pages for questions others haven’t answered.

Curated Link Placement

You need links placed on a variety of low and high authority sites that are relevant to your client’s industry, audience or niche. These links have to be placed on reputable sites over time to avoid looking like spam, and they need to be anchored within relevant text.

Guest Posting

Creating content from your client for another site is a great way to get their link on another page as a guest post. However, not all guest posting sites are the same. Some sites are willing to take anything and everything—making them sketchy in the eyes of Google bots. Guest posts need to be quality content published on a reputable site that has high content expectations and serves a purpose beyond accepting guest posts.

Influencer Campaigns

Working with influencers is another way to achieve backlinks through sponsored posts. Sponsored content must be clearly disclosed according to FTC rules. However, micro-influencers with niche audiences can help get your client’s brand in front of their target audience. Look for influencers who align with the brand, have an engaged following, and produce quality content.

What is Black Hat Link Building

Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

As you create content for guest posts, you may notice a lot of sites that seem to strictly post guest content. If the site serves no other purpose, it is considered a PBN. These sites aren’t designed to offer any value other than publishing another site’s content as a guest post. They typically have a very limited menu with a “write for us” tab front and center. Google sees PBNs as spammy and getting links from them isn’t going to help your client’s SEO strategy.

Link Farms

Link farms sell link spots and stick them in all kinds of content—these sites all hyperlink to each other for the sole purpose of increasing their SEO. There are plenty of automated programs that offer this service as a fast way to get your link on other sites, but it is considered a black hat practice by Google.

Duplicate Content

If your client isn’t producing quality work, you might run into an issue with backlink strategies. Duplicate content can come in two forms: copying someone else or producing repetitive work that looks like duplicate content to Google. Your client will need unique content that doesn’t match existing content to earn authentic backlinks and not be penalized by Google. However, it’s easy to accidentally duplicate too much of your own content or copy a competitor’s content if you are trying to pump out content just to get pages indexed quickly.

Unrelated Content/Keywords

When you are placing your link, it needs to be in anchor text that is relevant to the page you are linking. An old black hat practice for backlinks includes placing a link within content that has nothing to do with the brand, topic or link whatsoever. If your client has their link placed on unrelated pages, it will look like a bait-and-switch spam tactic to Google.

Why Choose White Label Link Building Services?

White hat link building takes time, experience and effort that your team may not have. Many marketing firms use white label services to offer their client this service. The white label service allows you to market this as your own service and not highlight that it is outsourced through another company.

When you outsource link building for your client, you should be able to achieve measurable outcomes. The top three metrics include:

Growth trends of backlinks from new domains
Increase of organic traffic from backlinks or search
Improved page rank for targeted pages and keywords

Getting Started With White Label Link Building

White label link building allows you to offer more for your clients without taxing your team. If you are looking for a partner, we can help.

At Adroit, we specialize in helping firms improve their clients’ SEO strategies. We focus on the technical aspects of link building so you can offer a full range of services. Our white hat practices include:

Link building done domestically (not outsourced to companies in other countries)
High expectations of our partners (who are also committed to white hat practices)
Offering unique, high-quality content written by native English speakers
Satisfactory links with quality guaranteed for up to six months after delivery

Link building is a complex and time-consuming task, but it’s a crucial part of a strong growth strategy.

If you are ready to get started, we are here to help. Talk to our team today about our white label options for your firm.