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Rock Your Brand with Influencer Marketing Experts

Do You Need Help Building Your Brand?

Whether you’re a startup or a company backed by decades of experience, you should be concerned about your brand image. Protecting and elevating your brand is essential to help your business stay relevant and attract new customers.

There are many ways to build and maintain a brand. A website, branding message, social media, and public relations campaigns are just a few.

Have you thought about using a social media marketing influencer?

You may know exactly what we mean when we refer to an influencer marketing expert, or you may have heard of it but don’t have all the information. If you think influencer marketing could help your brand gain visibility…it can!

What Is Influencer Marketing?

It’s commonplace to engage your past, current, and future clients on social media. However, with this strategy alone, a brand’s reach is limited to its followers and shares.

Brands that want a wider audience hire individuals who’ve built a significant social reach. These are “social influencers”, who are individuals that introduce their audience to your brand, product, or service via a word-of-mouth feel.

There are several ways companies use influencer marketing. Social influencers may:

  • Mention your product or brand
  • Give endorsements of your product
  • Do a demonstration of your product
  • Snap a selfie of them using your product

Social influencers accomplish the equivalent of talking about a new product across the fence with a neighbor or on the phone with a bestie. Only they do it with thousands, sometimes millions, of people. 

When Would A Company Use Influencer Marketing?

An influencer marketing strategy accomplishes several goals for businesses and their brands.

  • Social influencers can get a brand in front of a new audience that’s never heard of it before. 
  • New products can get a boost from influencer marketing. 
  • Companies benefit from the trust the followers hold for the influencer. 

Influencer marketing works well for:

  • Beauty brands
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Tech gadgets
  • Travel
  • Health and fitness
  • Family and parenting
  • Entertainment
  • and More

How Do You Track The Success Of Influencer Marketing?

As with other marketing campaigns, influencer marketing should have an impact on the bottom line, measured by overall conversions. Additionally, the success of an influencer campaign could be measured by site traffic or an expanded audience reach, as with an increase in followers.

How Do You Categorize Marketing Influencers?

Individuals who are considered to be marketing influencers fall into different segments, depending on their reach and number of followers. 


These are the cream of the influencer crop who have cultivated more than a million followers. Mega-influencers are often celebrities and sports icons.

Benefits of working with a mega-influencer

While they may not be subject-matter experts, one post from them reaches a huge audience. 


These influencers are connected with between 100,000 and 1 million followers. Many macro influencers gained their notoriety through the internet, typically through creating video or written content. 

Benefits of working with a macro-influencer

Macro influencers usually appeal to a narrow type of demographic. For example, if you want to reach single women in their 30s, a macro-influencer is a great option.


With between 1,000 – 100,000 followers, this level of marketing influencer doesn’t have the broad appeal as the previous levels of influencer. They focus either on a specific niche or are considered to be a topic expert.

Benefits of working with a micro-influencer

Their followers tend to be a uniform segment who are more engaged and more likely to take action on a post than those who follow mega- or macro-influencers. While their following may be small(ish), their authenticity is high. Their followers trust them, making them a strong and more cost-effective choice for a branding campaign for some companies.


These individuals have a small following, usually fewer than 1,000 followers. Popular members of the local community are part of this segment.

Benefits of working with a nano-influencer

Local brands can enjoy great success with nano-influencers, as they offer immense influence within a narrow niche.

Why Work With Adroit As Your Boutique Influencer Agency?

We are a boutique influencer marketing agency that empowers small and medium-sized businesses with the tools to expand their brand and increase their competitive edge.

Personalized attention.

Our focus is on the success of your business. We don’t want to be the biggest agency…we want to be the one that proactively and completely serves your company’s needs.

Customized solution.

Our influencer marketing strategies are like snowflakes. None are the same. You don’t have to worry about ending up with a cookie-cutter approach that doesn’t fit your business.


Real results.

Our process drives real results by identifying your brand’s goal, matching you with the right influencer, measuring the impact of the posts, and accurately reporting definitive results.


How Can Adroit Help My Company Use Influencer Marketing Effectively?​

As a boutique influencer agency, Adroit:

Builds It​

We create an influencer marketing strategy that best suits your goals.

Executes It​

Because you are busy running your business.

Manages It​

Keeping a keen eye on the process allows us to maximize your investment

Measures It​

Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) at the beginning makes it possible to quantify success

How Do You Realize ROI When Working With Adroit?

We understand every dollar you spend needs to pay off. As a boutique influencer agency, Adroit has managed many influencer marketing strategies. We possess unique experience with building brands by employing influencer marketing experts.

Our KPIs for your success include:


Adroit measures the engagement each post has and compares it to the number of followers. Engagement numbers help you know your message is hitting the mark.

Site Traffic

Website visitors are essential in increasing conversions and filling your sales funnel. If your goal is to increase your website’s traffic, Adroit can create specific links for the influencer marketing expert to use in their posts. We can measure and report on the number of unique visits, percentage of conversions, and most popular web pages.

Total ROI

Adroit is a boutique influencer marketing agency that understands tangible results are required.

Depending on your goals, Adroit may also measure KPIs like:


If your goal is to increase your brand’s following, Adroit will track and measure the number of new followers that can be tracked back to the social media influencer.


Individuals who followed the social post and signed up for your blogs, newsletters, or emails can be tracked and measured.


If the influencer promoted a coupon or giveaway, measuring the entries offers insight into the initiative’s success.


Increased buzz around your brand and product is valuable. We employ a hashtag tracking process to measure and report mentions, shares, and tags your company receives that stem from the influencer’s posts.

What You Can Expect From An Influencer Marketing Campaign

Estimated cost per KPI.

On average, brands spend around $174 for each piece of content that an influencer generates.

*With influencer marketing expenditure projected to rise in the coming years, you can expect this average spending price to grow.*

Estimated Engagement.

Micro-influencers on Instagram boast an average engagement rate of 3.86%. This declines for every level of influencer before hitting 1.21% for mega-influencers.


Estimated ROI.

Businesses using influencer marketing to build their brand can expect an average return of $5.78 for every $1 spent.


Choose Adroit as Your Boutique Influencer Marketing Agency

Our experience as social media influencer marketing experts combined with our passion for helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve the goals make us a perfect solution for your influencer marketing needs.  


Helps you get attention to elevate your brand
Shares your company’s story to reach your targeted audience
Builds out a strategy that is cost-effective and garners measurable results
Reports accurate and timely results, so you can see down-to-the-dollar ROI