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Digital Marketing Case Studies

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Revenue Increases in SaaS

Explore our detailed case study on how Adroit’s strategic digital marketing solutions propelled “Scrumlink,” a project management SaaS company, to new heights. Learn about our innovative approaches in SEO, targeted ad campaigns with ebooks, and a successful email marketing strategy that significantly increased revenue and user engagement.

Content Marketing for IoT

Explore how Adroit revolutionized “Spectronic’s” digital presence with a targeted SEO and content marketing strategy, transforming them into IoT leaders. This case study unveils the tactics behind their success, blending cutting-edge SEO with insightful, IoT-focused content.

Paid Ad Management (PPC) For HR SaaS

Using expert-level growth marketing strategists and implementing intuitive structuring, Adroit was able to help “ClientHR” exceed all of its goals for paid advertising.


Marketing Data In Action For An Automotive Franchise

By analyzing data that many marketers would disregard as being “outside of marketing,” Adroit was able to help “ClientAUTO” understand their expenses, their marketing goals, and the true value of their customers.

By putting this information into practice, ClientAUTO was able to significantly exceed their paid advertising goals, as well as implement other informed decisions across the entire company.

SEO Lead Gen For Higher Education

The long-term value of link building proved extremely valuable, as these websites saw 3-4x the organic traffic for the year following the launch of their off-site SEO campaign.



There are plenty of reasons to write, especially if it drives real revenue.

Check out, not just what Adroit has written, but the organic traffic results those pages were able to generate.

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