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SEO Optimizations

Your site should run efficiently and effectively. With on-site optimizations, you can be confident that both Google and your customers will be satisfied.

What Is SEO Optimizations?​

SEO optimizations are the implementation of best SEO practices on a front-end level of a website. The most common SEO optimizations include aligning meta titles and H1s with a keyword strategy, internal linking strategies (linking to other pages on your website), and adjusting the keyword density of site copy.

When Would SEO Optimizations Be Used?​

SEO optimizations are among the most efficient uses of resources to work towards an overall organic SEO strategy. SEO optimization should be used when there is an active SEO strategy in place and pages have not yet been optimized. While sometimes a ranking strategy may change over time, it is uncommon to optimize pages repeatedly, unless each revision includes significantly more complex SEO optimizations.

How do you track the success of SEO Optimizations?

While many may track the success of SEO optimizations based on the average ranking position of a specific keyword, that metric can be misleading (since Google is increasingly customizing their search results to individual searchers). Instead, SEO performance can best be tracked by analyzing a cluster of related keywords and identifying increases in overall impressions and clicks for those clusters.

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