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Adroit Empowers Higher Education Institutions

Are you an education administrator who wants to attract more students and parents, monetize your existing student body, and build profitable strategic partnerships with other educators?

Adroit can help you accomplish these goals, and more!

Adroit Is a Boutique Marketing Agency

We know how to employ a digital marketing strategy for higher education. We achieve measurable results for your school, college, or university FAST.

Online Education.

Attracting hopeful students to your websites so they can learn more is essential to maintaining your student body and maximizing your revenue…

Adroit can do that.

Higher Education.

Refining your value proposition to boost enrollment, while monetizing your current student body keeps your institution financially secure and thriving…

Adroit can do that.

Alternative Education.

Companies in education niches like homeschooling, charter schools, etc. need ways to identify and reach their target audience through an optimized website and powerful social media plan…

Adroit can do that.

The Marketing Challenges Facing Educational Institutions

There are unique obstacles that can hinder education institutions’ growth and success. These are:

Rising and unmanageable costs.

A traditional classroom setting with an instructor is increasingly expensive to provide for students. Institutions must look for and implement ways to cover the additional costs and scale the operation to serve students best.


Evolving student populations.

The face of the “average” student has changed in the last decade. As more racially diverse students, more middle class and below students, and first-generation students look for ways to achieve their education goals, institutions must find creative and new ways to meet their demands.

Changes in student expectations.

Seamless higher education processes are not just appreciated, they’re required by this new breed of student. Younger students are digital natives and think nothing of learning via technology. A one-size-fits-all learning experience doesn’t cut it anymore. How can your institution communicate to future students about all the opportunities and options you offer to them?

Ongoing changes in the business model.

Decades-long learning models are being strained and broken by a variety of factors. As an education administrator, you must find ways to facilitate this change and alternate approaches to meet your students’ expectations.

Colleges, Universities, and alternative learning models must continue reaching current and interested students with their value proposition. Otherwise, the competition is going to gain the edge.

What Marketing Should Educational Institutions Be Doing?

An optimized website

If your website was written as a sales tool or simply to impart information, chances are it’s not helping you convert leads. You can benefit from a professional marketing agency that knows how to research keywords and phrases students use to find the information they want. Ranking at the top of search engine pages can be the difference between would-be students knowing about you and them making a different choice

A mobile-capable website

In addition to search engine optimization, your website must be mobile-friendly to engage with and attract today’s students. Why would you not want to give them the ability to interact with your institution with the smart device that they carry with them everywhere? Building a website that is mobile-friendly allows your audience greater freedom in getting to know your educational institution. A more intuitive, seamless experience keeps them on your site longer and helps them digest your messaging quicker. Not to mention, it compels more students to take the next step toward working with you for their education goals.

Leverage pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to generate more, higher-quality leads

PPC is one of the most efficient cost-effective forms of higher education advertising. Are you struggling with knowing which places and ways to use your PPC efforts to get in front of potential students? Text ads, display ads, and social media ads grab your audience’s attention and entice them to learn more. Using a digital marketing agency to design and place your ads can make even more of an impact on your efforts.

Increase your organic SEO practices to get highly ranked

As we mentioned above, ranking at the top of search engines is essential to increase your institution’s visibility and drive conversions.

Add influencer marketing to your strategy

Using a well-known figure or celebrity to talk about your school, college, university, or alternative educational program gives you powerful ROI if it’s executed correctly. Using text and video, and implementing social media, offers opportunities to reach and engage many hopeful students and parents that may be interested in your offerings.

Adroit Can Maximize Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Higher Education

With Adroit as your boutique marketing agency, you can increase:

Lead generation.

With Adroit, we partner together to reach viable candidates across the internet where they hang out. Your institution can enjoy more inquiries for campus visits and application submissions. The more you get of both, the greater number of students you end up enrolling.


Student applications.

With several enrollment periods throughout the year, paid ad searches can include deadlines to increase the candidate’s sense of urgency. Ad copy can make it easy to help interested parties submit their applications through landing pages and calls-to-actions. Retargeting during this period is another valuable way to reconnect with would-be enrollees who have visited your website or social media channels.

Brand awareness.

Having a good reputation in the higher education industry goes a long way toward attracting students. Through written and video content, your institution and Adroit can craft a powerful marketing content strategy that tells your brand’s story and connects you to your audience. Target your users in highly segmented ways across social media to ensure they see your message.

Who Is Adroit?

Partnering with a digital agency experienced in marketing strategies for higher education directly connects your revenue to your marketing investment. We allow you to focus on what you do best; run your institution. Adroit crafts and manages your marketing strategy, freeing you up to make decisions that make sense.

Adroit creates clear marketing attribution that illustrates the profitability of channels and strategies. We work with both in-house teams and third-party agencies to ensure that our efforts align with your goals. We only deal with actions and analytics that give us, and you, actionable insights about your marketing efforts.

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Why Should Your Education Institution Choose Adroit Over Another Marketing Agency?

Adroit is a boutique agency by design, because we understand our work is 100% about people. Our tagline is “Marketing strategy expertise with a personal touch”. This mantra drives every Adroit team member’s actions, every day.

Lack of funding can result in small and mid-sized higher education and alternative education organizations having poor access to marketing expertise. They are often stuck hiring marketing agencies that leverage inexperienced strategists to keep costs low. These low-quality marketing agencies often utilize budgets to “check boxes,” instead of applying available resources in ways that generate significant revenue.

Adroit is a strategy-oriented marketing agency that draws a clear line from your marketing investment to your revenue. This gives small and mid-sized institutions the freedom to focus on what they do best. When you trust your marketing partner, you can confidently step into the future and take risks that amplify your success. All without hiring any new employees.

Are You Ready to a Put Digital Marketing Strategy for Higher Education to Work for You?

Contact us today to schedule a free strategy session with one of our experts. When it comes to driving your brand recognition and increasing enrollment, we’ve got it from here.