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What to Expect From a Marketing Strategy


At Adroit, we believe that before you ever commit to a course of action you need to be sure it’s the right decision for you. That’s why we recommend almost all of our clients begin with a custom marketing strategy.

Too often, marketing services are sold by sales teams who have never done marketing before. The primary concern of these sales teams is driving revenue for their own company, and securing commission checks for themselves, rather than ensuring that the client’s needs are met. If someone who has never done marketing, doesn’t know your business or industry, and hasn’t done their research tells you to spend X amount on Y service, why should you trust their opinion?

Instead, we have an actual marketing expert consult with you in a strategy session and identify all of the areas where research needs to be done, so we can recommend exactly what marketing tactics and campaigns will actually help your company reach its goals.

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Understanding the Market

Marketing is delivering the right message to the right people at the right time to drive action. Understanding the market is essential to know who the right people are, what message they need to hear, and when/where they are ready to hear it.


When you know your target audience, you can begin to more fully understand their motivations and pain points, which is crucial to crafting the right messaging.


There are a lot of lessons you can learn from examining your competitors. How much do others charge? What messaging are they using? What platforms are they advertising on? Do they have the funds to outbid you in areas with the most value?
Your competition isn’t always a rival company, sometimes your audience will choose to endure their pain point rather than pay for a product or service they don’t see enough value in.


Looking at the overall market landscape can help fill in gaps by identifying factors that may be out of anyone’s control, but still impact your ability to avoid threats or pursue opportunities.
Are businesses reluctant to invest because of an impending recession? Will Google allow you to bid on keywords for your course on the opioid epidemic? Are there government incentives for customers to buy your product?

Planning & Forecasting

The ability to plan and forecast ultimately leads to better decision-making. When you can estimate the future, you can better allocate your resources, increase the efficiency of your sales pipeline, and reduce the risks of an unknown financial outlook.


Our strategy isn’t a sales pitch, it’s intentionally designed to create flexibility in your marketing plans to best suit your needs. A few ways you can utilize your marketing strategy include:

Starting With Adroit

The most intuitive use is taking the strategy we create and working with us to execute the campaigns and projects we outlined. Even if we recommend a service we don’t currently offer, we can oversee the implementation of a partner who can handle that specific project.

Avoiding Unhelpful Sales Tactics

We want what’s best for your business, even if that means the time isn’t right for you to begin working with us on an ongoing basis. If it’s in your best interest to go with another agency, the marketing strategy can help ensure that you are purchasing the right services at the right price from whichever marketing partner you choose.

Bolstering Your Internal Team

Not every marketing department specializes in digital marketing, and that’s okay. With a strategy package from Adroit, your team can be empowered to create content around valuable topics, manage essential ad campaigns, better speak to your audience, or implement website fixes. With Adroit’s forecasting on required resources and potential results, you can also create goals for your internal marketing team to work towards.

Auditing Previous Efforts

Most of us have been burned by contractors before. Adroit specializes in auditing past marketing performance, including both the effort applied and the results generated, to give you an idea of whether a current or former partner squandered your marketing resources. This gives you the insight needed to make decisions about who to work with in the future.


Our marketing strategy is not a simple, automated report; it represents 30-50 hours of research and analysis performed by a team of experts. The marketing report itself is typically a 30-50 page summary, delivered alongside several other detailed documents, typically ranging from 20-70 pages. Those reports can include:

Market Analysis

A market analysis looks at the overall landscape of your industry, including your demographics, competitors, and online behaviors. This helps create the foundation of the entire strategy by identifying the volume of relevant demographics, where they are spending their time, and what factors they consider in their purchasing decisions.

Messaging & Content Gap Audits

Different value propositions matter to different people. By analyzing your existing content and messaging, we can identify areas in which you are not providing the information that prospective customers are looking for or areas where you are not addressing what matters most to them.

Web Presence Audits

Your web presence is a major factor in determining what is currently feasible, versus which goals will need to be a long-term investment. If you have a brand new website, you likely can’t go toe-to-toe with a monopolistic competitor. Additionally, if you have used shady marketing tactics in the past, you may have a lot of reputation debt that needs to be resolved before you can begin seeing growth.

Internal Data Audits

Most companies are collecting data these days, but most aren’t entirely sure what to do with it. Adroit can look at your sales, customer management, product usage, or financial systems to generate insights that can help you make the right decisions. This might include identifying the lifetime value of your customers, so you know how much you can afford to spend to acquire new customers. It could be finding products or services that frequently lead to upsell opportunities. It could also be finding the sale price at which your audience is most motivated to make a purchase.

Channel Viability Analysis

If you’re selling to teenagers, you probably don’t want to run ads on LinkedIn. Similarly, if you’re selling to businesses, you may not want to run a TikTok campaign.

Adroit looks at the most important marketing channels to identify whether your target audience is there or not, how much it would cost to reach them, and what results that campaign could generate.

Priority of Tactics Analysis

Most companies don’t have the resources to chase every opportunity and avoid every threat all at once. Adroit outlines all of the marketing tactics that should be implemented and arranges them in order of which tactic will bring you closest to your goals in the shortest amount of time. This can be especially valuable when starting from scratch, or when untangling the mess caused by years of unfocused marketing efforts.

Budgeting & Timeline Recommendations

With all of your priorities in order, we can create estimates of the cost (both in labor hours and dollars) and provide you with recommendations for what your marketing budget should be in order to reach your goals within your target timeframe.

We create multiple budget recommendations that include the minimum viable investment, the maximum recommended budget for your current goals, and a balance of cost-effectiveness and speed.

Additional Deliverables

While the report itself is typically condensed to easily understandable insight and recommendations, we also include more comprehensive appendices that allow you to revisit the expansive data. Some of these additional deliverables include a brand messaging playbook, a content calendar, a comprehensive website technical audit, a web presence report, and exhaustive keyword research.

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